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Who are we ?

A group of staff employed by the European Institutions, who share the conviction that the European project brings value to the European societies and citizens.  We are an informal grouping. We have no structures, no formal membership and even no permanent activity. When you support one of our messages, you de facto become part of EU STAFF FOR EUROPE - of course, you only approve the message(s) you have signed.

We believe that Staff representation should be supplemented, from time to time, particularly in times of crisis, by bottom-up opinions, even if some trade-unions are doing a good job in representing us. We think that grassroot members of the staff should forward ideas that are a bit outside of the normal stance of staff representatives. Our point of view might be more constructive, more audacious and more creative. We are not constrained by the rules, formal or informal, of staff representation. We are not party to the power play that sometimes limits their effectiveness.

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What are we doing ?

No action for the moment...

What did we do ?

March 2014

With this message, we hoped to convince the College to change its outdated approach to staff management. The European elections were taking place very soon afterward; we believed was the perfect opportunity to send a strong message to those who will then take decisions on the future of the Union.

A copy of our petition has been handed out to Ms Souka, DG HR, on March, 18th, during the social dialogue meeting relating to working time.

See our petition (now closed):

Linguistic versions :                                                 

How many already signed ?  7 007 - 22 April 2014, 10:00hrs - More than 150 persons signed after this closure date.


June 2013: We have prepared a petition which was okeyed and sent by the Common Front.

Petition asking the College to maintain a firm position on its proposal of modification of the Staff Regulations

See the petition  (now closed) - Signed by 22 154 persons.


April 2013 : We have launched a petition with the full support of some trade unions.

Letter to the College on "Global and long term effectiveness of the institutions"

See the cover letter and the petition.   (now closed) - Signed by 3 948 persons.

Why do we send several time the same message to the Staff ?

We understand that our colleagues receive numerous emails and that the repetition of our messages might be an inconvenience.

However, we take the initiative of an action because trade unions are in negotiations with the Administration on these subjects. Our aim is to contribute to the debate and to help the negotiators to come to a compromise that is in the interest of both parties.

Our experience is that each new message brings around 500 to 600 new signatures. Having a few e-mails in your mailbox is probably a small inconvenience if we can convey the opinion of the Staff to the negotiators. 5000 to 6000 persons cannot be ignored.

Please, if you could support us in convincing your colleagues to sign, we would be grateful and ultimately, it is in your own interest.


5 June 2014